Pests are an issue that can strike at all times of the year, although some can be more common in the warmer months of spring and summer.

Regardless of when a pest problem occurs, the solution needs to be quick acting, safe and humane, three things that ONLY qualified and experienced pest control technicians can offer…

  • Living and working local to Bridgnorth and surrounding areas, we offer a variety of responsive, pest control services to domestic and business customers
  • Qualified to a high standard and holding a variety of additional qualifications, we are specialists in many different kinds of pest control methods and proofing techniques
  • Specialists too in many different kinds of pest control techniques, we can service longer term contracts for business customers across Bridgnorth, a welcome service for many of our commercial customers
  • With extensive experience, we also understand the need to operate within legal and safety guidelines to protect our customers, us and the local environment
  • We also have an enviable reputation for being successful in dealing with and controlling a variety of pests, in many different situations
  • We guarantee all our work meaning we deliver the results we say we will
  • With a comprehensive Public Liability policy (£5 million), you can be sure that we are insured for all eventualities

Living or working in a situation frequented by pests is not something that you need to put up with and we can help you be pest-free!