Covering all of Shropshire and Welshpool, we can offer a variety of solutions to all kinds of pest issues and problems.


Thankfully, many of the species in the UK do not bite or sting! These are a common issue in the warmth of the summer months, ants can live in heavily populated colonies. They can contaminate foodstuffs and be an unpleasant ‘infestations’ in homes and many businesses.


These pesky bugs are the type of pest that need the expert services of a pest control company simply because they are tenacious and persistent in their ability to survive. As well as chemical treatments, heat needs to be applied to bedding etc. in order to ensure all bedbugs are exterminated.


Leaving itchy lumps, usually around the ankles or wrists, fleas can be another pest issue that is difficult to resolve. Repeat treatments may be needed but, with the right treatment and the right approach fleas can be quickly and safely removed from a property.


Although not unpleasant to look at, mice in or around a property – whether that is the home, industrial unit or other business premises – need to be dealt with. They can spread various bacteria that can impact on human health, as well as contaminating food sources of livestock.


Unlike mice, rats are not seen as cute and with good reason; excreting a bacterium in their urine that, if it makes it way inside the human body can cause serious illness, rats are an issue that every home or business must deal with immediately. Naturally suspicious, they will avoid anything new in their territory thus a professional pest controller is best placed to deal with rats.


Delivering a sting that is painful, is the least of your worries; some people have a severe allergy to wasp and bee stings, therefore if you have a wasp nest in or close to your property, do not deal with it yourself, always call a professional pest control company.


Moles naturally live in sandy, free-draining soil but the can ‘lose their way’, tunnelling under sports pitches, paddocks, bowling greens etc. leaving their mole hills scattered all around. With their tunnels also criss-crossing only a few metres underground, the ground can also become unstable. Trapping or gassing are humane solutions.


Although not protected, bees are rarely exterminated simply because they are seen as incredibly important to the balance of the local environment. However, if they build their nest inside or close to your property, they do present a problem. Do not deal with it yourself, as a bee sting is painful (fatal, in some cases).


A pest that many people think nothing much can be done about, these wild animals have a population that numbers millions; ALL landowners has a legal duty to control rabbits on their land and we have a variety of treatments and proofing measures that can minimise the damage rabbits cause.


A wild animal, the fox has learnt that local towns offer them rich pickings in terms of food; nocturnal animals, they can be a nuisance rummaging through bins etc. There are solutions in terms of prevention that stop foxes being such a problem.


Carpet beetles can leave similar damage to moths, so it is always important before treatment to identify which pest is causing the issue; the good news is that carpet beetles can be successfully dealt with!


Although you may be accustomed to seeing more flies in the summer, their numbers can become out of control and this is down to something in the area attracting them. Flies spread bacteria too, contaminating everything that they land on; a pest problem that needs to be dealt with quickly.


Hiding in dark corners and places, the moth larvae is responsible for the holes and damage in clothing, soft furnishings etc. that contain natural fibres. Easily and quickly dealt with, our treatments minimises damage they cause.


Weather is a major contributing factor to spiders deciding to make their homes in our buildings; an unwelcome pest, they are feared and detested in equal measure but again, we have a range of solutions!


There are thousands of different insect species that can, at various times of the year can infest our homes, gardens, commercial buildings and units. Getting bugs is not complicated, when you know the bug you are dealing with…


These tiny creatures are common in outside spaces, from helping crops to decimating them. When their numbers increase substantially, farmers and other business owners can struggle to contain or deal with the issue. Once correctly identified, insects can be dealt with successfully.


Preferring woodland, squirrels can, however, find the attics and other enclosed spaces of buildings a great place to nest and raise their young. Squeezing through small gaps, no bigger than their head, squirrels gnaw at all manner of items, from wooden structures to electrical cabling.   Trapping and removing the animal is the solution but should only be done by a qualified pest control technician.